If you are experiencing difficulty with muzzle-loaders.com, there are a few things that you can check that may fix many problems.

Before you contact us, please perform the following tasks:

  • Refresh the browser by pressing F5 or Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard.
    • Sometimes parts of the page may fail to load, or may be out-of-date. Often, refreshing the page will solve these problems.
  • Sign Out.
    • Sometimes problems occur when the website is unable to load necessary data. If you are signed in (you can see your name at the top of the screen), signing out will sometimes fix this issue. Signing back in should give you access to your shopping cart, and other Account information. If you are currently checking out, signing out will cause you to start this process over, though the items should remain in your shopping cart.
  • Ensure that JavaScript is enabled.
    • JavaScript is enabled by default in all major web browsers. If you voluntarily disable JavaScript, you will be viewing midwayusa.com in a diminished capacity and you will not be able to checkout online.
  • Check your security level in the browser.